Yankees Sweep, A-Rod Does Not

What a great run the Yankees are having. After a great sweep of their cross-town rivals, they’ve got to be feeling good. But, as always, I’ve got to focus on a negative. Alex Rodriguez is proving why he’s one of the most overrated players of all time. While people focus on LeBron James’s lack of a “clutch gene” (a new term popularized by Skip Bayless, I believe), A-Rod is the real one without a shred of clutch in him. I groan every time he comes up to bat with runners in scoring position, which is inevitably all the time. His solid .275 – .280 batting average suggests that he’s as good a guy as any to come up to the plate in such a situation. Wrong. I have watched time and time again in the last week or so as A-Rod hits into a double play to end a promising inning that I thought for sure would end instead in a run or two added to the board.

A-Rod is a world-class bum.

He simply lacks a shred of confidence up there during big plate appearances, and I can see it in his eyes. Just today, in fact, he grounded out into a double play, and the next got extremely lucky as a blooper fell through to keep a rally alive. Honestly, I’d rather have sweet-swinging Eric Chavez in at 3rd instead of this “first ballot hall of famer.” But at least we’re dominating right now.

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