Thankfully, Knicks Fail to get Nash

Many critics are leaping on the Knicks for failing to complete a sign-and-trade for Steve Nash. However, Nash would’ve been an epic mistake.

Nash can still play at a high level and would’ve undoubtedly made the Knicks better, but think about what we were going to give up to get him. Reports stated that Iman Shumpert and Toney Douglas were both going to be involved in the deal. What?! Iman Shumpert is a future All-Star. Once he’s back from injury, which I fully expect to have zero long term consequences, he is going to continue his growth and be one of our most important pieces. I really, really have faith in Shump, and losing him would’ve been nothing short of tragic. Also, while Toney Douglas has an abysmal year, let’s not forget what a great spark he was for us off the bench two years ago. With a real off-season to hit the gym, I expect a rebound year for “TD” (as theknicksblog calls him, as if Douglas deserves a nickname and the TKBers are qualified to give one to him).

Getting Nash would’ve been no different from the past trades for Steve Francis (in which we gave up valuable swingman Trevor Ariza) and Tracy McGrady (in which we gave up rising talent in Jordan Hill). We like to trade for declining veterans who will put superficial, uninformed New Yorkers in MSG seats, and then who will be gone in two or three years. This trade would’ve been even worse than the Francis and McGrady deals though, because we wouldn’t clear any cap space.

Failing to get Nash is a blessing in disguise for the Knicks. He looks pretty good in a Lakers jersey, anyway.

Aside from Lin, we’re going to get a shoot first point guard this offseason. There are only about three pass first point guards left in the league anyway, and who says we can’t win without a true orchestrator? Lin is a playmaker and showed a strong ability to set up his teammates, so as long as we retain him (which I completely expect us to do), we’ll be fine. I like Raymond Felton a lot, especially because he thrived in New York and is constantly criticized. I also have my eyes on DJ Augustin (verry underrated), Aaron Brooks and Ramon Sessions. I would’ve especially like Goran Dragic or Jameer Nelson, but both have already signed elsewhere and we probably could’nt have affored them anyway.

Anyway, the Knicks are going to be fine. I promise. I just would like to see them make a splash sooner than later, because signing James White is not exactly riveting.

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