J-Kidd Off to a Bad Start

The basketball world has always known that Jason Kidd is a man of questionable character. The public perception of him as a wife-beating low life was reinforced today as news broke of a DWI last night.

Jason Kidd's latest mishap is a foreboding start to his Knicks' career.

By no means do I condone young players that make awful decisions and are subsequently busted for DUIs and such. These kids have money thrown at them for the first time in their lives, and are given a bunch of off-nights to go out and spend it on drugs and alcohol. They’re stupid and immature, but also products of their environments. I thus am relatively quick to forgive a kid who has never been taught to comport himself in public when he screws up. Jason Kidd, though, is a man of nearly 40 years of age, with bat wings reminiscent of most grandmothers’. For him, that period of forgiveness has long run its course, and it’s time for him to act like the grown man that he is. For a guy who came to New York to serve as a role model, this is egregious decision making. To make things worse, the kid he came to NY to “mentor” is no longer going to be in New York, as Jeremy Lin jumps ship to Houston (not that Kidd is proving to be a great role model). Perhaps he is taking for granted the support of New Yorkers. Wrong…let’s see some humility and good behavior from Kidd, then maybe we’ll accept him as a New York Knick come October.

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