Free Agency Review

It has truly been a whirlwind of an off-season, and a bunch of teams have put themselves in positions to contend next year. Below are recaps of teams that have done well in the last two months, and of those who have not.


Lakers: The Lakers have to be pleased with themselves. They replaced a mediocre Ramon Sessions with a still highly-efffective Steve Nash, and managed to add another quality veteran in Antawn Jamison. Jamison is one of those guys who was always a class act, willing to do whatever was needed of him, and has skill “out the wazoo.” They also just resigned Jordan Hill, who I still hope to be a fantastic player. I don’t know how LA is affording all of this. To boot, they are in the hunt for Dwight Howard, who would be a welcome replacement for the overrated, scrubby Andrew Bynum. Even if they don’t land D12, a starting lineup of Nash, Kobe, Jamison, Pau Gasol, and Bynum is scary to say the least.

Mavericks: As many have pointed out, the Mavs swung and missed badly in drawing in Deron Williams. However, additions of Darren Collison, Chris Kaman, Elton Brand, and OJ Mayo are very under the rader, solid moves. Darren Collison has never been given a chance since New Orleans, but it’s time for him to be a full-time starter because he can definitely succeed. Elton Brand is still a good guy to have if given an appropriate amount of money, which he is. Kaman may or may not be able to recapture his success on the Clippers, but with a one year contract, he’s worth the risk. OJ Mayo, like Collison, deserves starters’ minutes because the guy can play.

Phoenix Suns: I applaud the re-signing of Goran Dragic, who is a star in the making. Michael Beasley is a great risk to take – I loved him out of K-State and despite his issues could still be a dominant player. Great job picking up Luis Scola and resigning Shannon Brown, too.


Houston Rockets: Daryl Morey has crossed the line between experimentation and self-implosion. He has traded away exciting Kyle Lowry, let Goran Dragic walk, waived Luis Scola, and sign-and-traded both Courtney Lee and Chase Budinger. Dude, that’s the heart of your team right there. All of these moves made because he believes that Dwight Howard will agree to sign with Houston next summer. Not a chance. Besides jeremy Lin, there isn’t a player in the league who would relish the opportunity to play in the isolated, hick-ville of Houston. I repeat, Morey has no chance at D12. As if all of these wasteful roster moves weren’t enough, Morey just signed Jeremy Lin to the most ridiculous contract in league history (well, besides Orlando’s contract with Rashard Lewis). Lin is a future sixth man, at best a serviceable starting point guard. I was amused how Morey, Lin and others associated with the Rockets have taken to tweeting “#RedNation,” as if Houston is a chic, cool place that every wants to be. Good luck with rebuilding, Morey, because your roster is an absolute mess.

Nuggets: Just because they completely overpaid JaVale McGee.

Overall, I think a lot of teams made solid moves this offseason, and next season will be an exciting one.


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