NBA Finals Update

The NBA Finals have already proven to be controversial and exhilarating… I’ll be honest, my days are spent counting down the minutes until tip-off. Here are my notes from the first two games.

– I’m willing to accept the fact that LeBron fouled Kevin Durant in the final seconds on his runner. However, it was not such a bad foul as to really affect KD’s ability to hit the shot. Calls are as much a part of the game as the actual plays that are made, so just move on. As many of pointed out, KD could’ve fouled out three minutes earlier with a questionable defensive foul called on Shane Battier. He was lucky to have even been in the game.

– If the Thunder had successfully come back to win Game 2, the Heat would’ve been done. They would’ve felt so demoralized, heading back to Miami without anything to show for two well played games. The Thunder would’ve won in five.

– The Thunder are still going to win this series. The Heat played at the top of its game in Game 2 and just barely won. Miami cannot rely on Shane Battier to continue giving them 17 points a game – it’ll win two at home, but the Thunder will win in six.

– Enough talking about LeBron’s clutch gene (or lack thereof). He has proven that a) he doesn’t have the clutch instinct of a MJ, KD, or Wade and that b) he is not completely devoid of an ability to close games. When time is running out, LeBron is simply average, so let’s stop exagerrating about how brutal he is with time waning.

– Russell Westbrook does shoot terrible shots early in the shot clock, but he is as much responsible for the Thunder’s dominance as he is for their losses. In the end, the proof is in the pudding – the Thunder is on its way to an NBA championship (how damaging could Westbrook possibly be?). Let’s not forget about the dozens of electrifying plays he makes in every game – the dunks, the lighting-fast slashing, and his underrated passing ability.

I look forward to another great game today.

KD and LBJ

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